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Would you like to experience a nurturing and luxurious way to rest?

I support women to stop, be present & rest with deeply relaxing hot stone massage, sound healing and rest coaching sessions.

Rest with Carolyn | hot stone massage and rest coaching for women | Ascot Park, Adelaide

This is your invitation to rest

I offer rest-based sessions focussed on holding a safe space for you to reach deep rest. 

My intention is for you to rest, reset and balance.

My offerings have been designed as a time for recovery. To regroup. To just stop and 'be' before you return back to your personal life.

They can't change the external factors that create your stress, tension, anxiety, pain or overwhelm, but they can slowly help you shift your focus; giving your body (and yourself) a chance to rest and reset.

I invite you to join me.

Carolyn x

Rest is anything that makes your nervous system feel safe enough for your stress response to switch off, so your mind and body can recover and restore.

Nicola Jane Hobbs

Client love

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This is TLC for the soul . Could not recommended more highly.

— Stacey

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Thankyou for making a sacred place for me to be safe and nurtured. Thankyou for your kindness, attention and love.

— Anne

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It is rare to find a therapist who massages your body and your soul.

— Carly

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I felt very loved. I realised I haven't felt that way in a long time.

— Karen

Would you like to explore rest in more detail?

I invite you to vist my blog on Substack where I discuss all things rest, self care and more ...