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I visited Carolyn today for a 90min massage. A beautiful gift certificate purchased online for Mother’s Day by my two daughters. 

I can not express how enjoyable my experience today was. I thoroughly relaxed, drifted away and forgot about the outside world in a stunning environment

I will definitely be returning Carolyn, and will be happily referring you to my clients family and friends. 

Thanks again

β€” Megan

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I so love Carolyn's choice of music in our massage sessions, always beautiful, so much so, that I often ask her about a piece and go and search for it for my myself. I am always amazed by the care she takes, to source her music, by listening to hours of it, specifically to enhance the massage experience of her clients. This type of consideration is a testament to her care in holding a sacred space for each and every person she works on.

Bless you Carolyn... you are the best!


β€” Anne

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The words that spring to mind after a massage with Carolyn are "divine nurture". From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, you know you are in the hands of someone whose gifts are heaven sent. I left feeling like every bit of me both physically and emotionally had been not only safely tended to but cherished. Carolyn has a special gift. Thank you. xx

β€” Bronwen

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I was so relaxed after my treatment. I felt truly pampered and would highly recommend Carolyn’s services. We all need some regular self care, so I look forward to booking again soon.

β€” Kathleen

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The music and the service was divine. I was transported almost to another world and this was very much needed. Absolute bliss!! I love the hot stones. Thank you Carolyn.

β€” Jackie

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After a stressful couple of weeks, I was so looking forward to a relaxing massage as this was my first visit I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Carolyn did not disappoint! Her service was 1st class & I left feeling totally relaxed. Do yourself a favour & take some time out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

β€” Jan

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I had the best massage with Carolyn. She went above and beyond to make the experience as relaxing as possible, was attentive and accommodating to all personal requirements. Loved the thoughtful additions and comforts throughout such as the music, bolsters, heated blankets and hot rocks. All wrapped up in a lovely, serene space. Idyllic! Can't wait to return πŸ’œ

β€” Dhanna

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PPPpppampered to bliss!! Carolyn is my massage therapist. It has taken time and patience to find a suitable practitioner to deal with injuries and my health profile. Personally I am so appreciative Carolyn can respond by providing in home services too. As a busy person, in tune with my body Carolyn prompts with last minute availabilities. She is professional, intuitive, and highly skilled. Thanks Carolyn, for a lovely pampering, therapeutic, experience.

β€” Shirley

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It’s hard to put into words how good my massage was with Carolyn. Having had a shoulder injury several years ago I have lived with a constant level of pain that I had just got used to. Carolyn and her truly healing hands made it go away.

The relief was amazing. No headaches. No earaches. No back or should[er] pain. I can’t wait for my next appointment and cannot recommend her enough….

β€” Fi

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I cannot recommend Carolyn enough. The minute I place myself on the table and I’m in her nurturing hands, I’m in a state of bliss. Do yourself a favour and book in for some self care today. β™₯

β€” Rae-anne

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Once in a while, we are in need of a massage, something to loosen up that sore or tired body and to relax the mind …I can’t say enough about RASA massage. Carolyn is a beautiful, spiritual, gentle and compassionate person, and all of this is evident in Carolyn, the massage therapist. Book in for you or someone you love.

β€” Vasso

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Absolutely amazing experience. Carolyn was so warm and welcoming. Felt completely comfortable with Carolyn and it takes me a lot to get comfortable with someone. Felt so amazing and relaxed after the massage. 110% recommend Rasa Massage and Carolyn to everyone. Will definitely be back. Thanks heaps Carolyn. x

β€” Taylor

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I believe you becoming a massage therapist was your calling.

The experience of the massage you had given me, was truly amazing & much appreciated.

Looking forward to trying the sound therapy next.

The experience was just what I needed.

Thankyou ...looking forward to the sound experience.

β€” Mary

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Thank you to RASA Massage (REST with Carolyn) for the most divine 90 minutes of relaxation. Adding this time to my monthly schedule has been one of the best decisions ever in body/mind wellness.

β€” Stephanie

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Carolyn is amazing. Her massage technique is absolutely the most relaxing massage EVER. She will adjust the pressure to suit you & she doesn’t chatter, so you drift away to wherever you want. The whole experience is blissful & unfortunately the end comes all too soon. You certainly get your money’s worth & I completely recommend her to anyone wanting a relaxing & healing experience.

β€” Heather

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I experienced a session with Carolyn recently and the only way to describe it was magical. Carolyn's healing space is so beautiful and calming and the hot stone massage was absolutely amazing! After the relaxing, warming and luxurious massage I had a half hour sound healing with the most beautiful singing bowls and all I can say is wow! I left feeling relaxed, nourished and totally blissful. Carolyn thank you for a truly amazing experience and I will definitely be back!

β€” Leeane

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Carolyn's massage was just what I needed. 

She is very respectful and calming. The massage was very relaxing and I will definitely be looking forward to more self care with her massages. 

Her newsletters are informative and she clearly puts time, energy and love into serving her customers and giving them the best experience. 

Many thanks for a wonderful hour.

β€” Kristine

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Thank you for setting me off to a brilliant start to my holidays. I am feeling free flowing in my head and the relaxed in my body. I think you are offering something well beyond a physical experience. A form of nurturing love in our troubled modern world. Bless you for pursuing this path and setting me back on mine.

β€” Clare

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Aaah Bliss time....πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ»

I highly recommend the skills and service of beautiful Carolyn Wilkins of Rasa Massage.

Carolyn is an amazingly skilled practitioner. Her passion and dignity for delivery of healing and comfort, makes her very experienced when it comes to managing complex injuries, life stressors and the need to rest and restore equilibrium in the our bodies energy fields. You may like to drop by and check out her page.

You may be fortunate enough to find the odd cancellation.

Be blessed.πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€²πŸ»πŸ˜Œ

β€” Shirley

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I feel good today….My mood was really light. I was motivated in a different way. My colleague asked me why I was in such a good mood. She commented on my energy. I then understood the true depth of our experience last night and I'm so grateful to have found you. 

β€” Kylie

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Thank you so much for such an amazing massage today, divinely perfect!! I felt so blissed, relaxed and revitalized!! You have a beautiful space, and I immediately felt relaxed. You have a beautiful, gentle, nurturing energy. I most definitely will highly recommend you to my friends and family. I already have actually! Looking forward to much next session. Much love and gratitude gifted soul.

β€” Rosalind