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Your invitation ... to stop, be present & rest.

By choosing your own rest and self care, you are putting yourself and your well-being first so that you can not only feel better, but also spread that sense of well-being out to your family, workplace and community. xx

My offerings

deep relaxation hot stone massage for women | REST with Carolyn | Ascot Park Adelaide

REST | hot stone massage

These sessions are more than 'just' a massage. They are a chance to really stop, be present and rest.

Let go of stress and tension and enjoy a custom session designed to bring your whole being into a calm state of ease.

Feel deeply relaxed yet energised with this calming & comforting treatment.

Based on your wants and needs, together we will specifically craft a session that is perfect for you on the day (and this can change each session).

Enjoy the long flowing strokes of a custom deep relaxation hot stone massage designed for ultimate deep relaxation and tension relief; creating space within your body, helping you feel grounded and reconnected with your body and mind.

Mental clarity, peace & rest in one treatment.

sound immersion private soundbath | REST with Carolyn | Ascot Park Adelaide

REST | sound immersion | private soundbath

Combining the gentle relaxation of sound (metal and crystal singing bowls) with nurturing energy balancing on and around your body.

A sound immersion cocoons you in beautiful sounds and vibrations, created using metal and crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes.

A sound immersion is a natural 'feel good' therapy using the harmonic tones and vibrations of my singing bowls placed on, and played around, your body.

As the bowls are played, their beautiful harmonic sounds resonate gently in and around your body, helping you to physically and mentally relax with a deep sense of well-being.

Just like dropping a stone in water, the vibrations spread in waves throughout the body, gently dissolving tensions, giving you a nurturing massage deep into your body.

I use a combination of guided energy healing as a gentle and nurturing 'vibrational' addition to the session.

The vibrations created during these sessions are considered to be healing for the body, mind and soul, leading you to a deeply rested and meditative state.


A recent study found that singing bowl meditations significantly reduce stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue. All of these things are known to negatively impact your health, presenting in different ways, such as disturbed sleep, digestive issues, chronic illnesses, memory loss, to name but a few.

Sound bypasses our rational mind, assisting you to heal at a cellular level.


Sound therapy/sound baths may not be suitable for certain individuals.

Please contact prior to booking if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, have epilepsy/seizures, are diagnosed with severe mental health conditions or have metal pin or plate implants in your body, so I can best meet your needs.

Benefits of a deep rest session

We are all becoming more and more aware of the need to manage stress for both emotional and physical wellbeing.

Even a 1 hour session once a month can help you reset your nervous system enough to support you to live in a calmer and more peaceful way.

Some of the benefits of a deep rest session include:

– reduced stress and anxiety

– lowered anger and blood pressure

– improved circulation and increasing blood flow

– a sense of deep relaxation for the mind and body

– helping with pain relief & sleep issues

– balanced chakras

– increased mental & emotional clarity

– an increased sense stillness, happiness & well being

– stimulating the immune system

– a reawakening of your spark, creativity & imagination

– an appreciation of how good you can feel when you are not stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

What people are saying

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This was an experience that just kept on giving, starting with a warm welcome at the front door. Carolyn then took the time to find out about my lifestyle and current state of my health so that she could taylor a massage to suit my needs. The massage room was clean with decor reminiscent of Bali. The massage bed was sooo comfortable. I found Carolyn very professional with expert hands leaving me feeling relaxed. A glass of cold, lemon infused water with a chocolate was a nice touch at the end. The entire experience was within my comfort zone and I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone thinking of a massage. Don't wait, book one now!!

— Margaret

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Thank you dear  Carolyn Wilkins for creating such a safe and sacred space to be nurtured and held in love this morning.

What a perfect way to start the day.....then it just kept getting better and better! Infinite blessings to you.

Shine on!!! 

— Sue