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Lay down your burden ... and rest

One of the best feelings is being able to really rest when weary. To be able to stop, without feeling guilty, and just ‘be’.

We all carry burdens. Most are unseen to the outside world. And a lot go unrecognised …





world events



your own expectations

day to day living…

These burdens, big or small, seen or unseen, live inside you, and some of them are heavy; weighing you down, stealing your joy, holding you in place.

That is why it is such a relief when you find something or somewhere you can leave these burdens at the door, lay down and rest; without expectation or guilt, and just ‘be’. Somewhere you can be passive, but in the most positive sense: ‘accepting or allowing without active response or resistance.’

So many of you are bravely, courageously and determinedly carrying your burdens and continuing to move forward and through them.

My gentle encouragement to you is to take some time to lay them down once in a while and just rest.

Allow yourself the opportunity to experience a level of rest that is nurturing, restorative and meaningful, and find some relief from all the weight of your responsibilities and anxieties (even if just temporarily).

By doing so, you give your mind and body a chance to reset.

Rest could be …

an afternoon nap

listening to a guided meditation

drifting off whilst listening to soothing music

a sound bath or sound healing

dimming the lights

savasana at the end of a yoga session

an energy healing session

a relaxing massage

a Yoga nidra session

a cup of tea sitting in the morning sun

a walk in nature

getting lost in a good book

turning down the music, radio or TV

10 mins of mindful breathing

a snooze on the beach or in the garden

a hot bath (without interruptions!)

It doesn’t need to be long and complicated either - just regular enough so that your mind and body recognises a feeling of safety, joy and peace.

I would love to know your favourite way to rest …

As I say at the end of my sessions, be gentle with yourself

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need someone to talk to. I am here for you.

Until next time.

Much love 

Carolyn xx