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Don't hang your head down

It's gonna be alright xx

I hope your week has been restful?

I was struggling to write something this week and as often happens, I found something that helped.

I often find music articulates my feelings far better than the conversations in my head (!) and this week I received a message from the universe to keep going (even as I have doubts about my path) and wondered if it would help you too x

This is one of those songs that you put on loudly and dance around the house (or in my case noise cancelling bluetooth headphones so as not to annoy the neighbors while I play it on repeat).

What is this song?

Lost Frequencies & Bastille - Head Down (Art video) (YouTube link)

Lost Frequencies & Bastille - Head Down (Spotify link)

These lyrics especially stood out to me:

‘Hearts break, life can knock you to the ground
Don't hang your head down’
‘.. know the best is yet to come’
‘It's gonna be alright’
‘It's gonna be ok’

I think of these lyrics as something you would say to a dear friend; a gentle encouragement to keep going because I believe in you, and the best is yet to come.

Music, dancing and movement are a lovely way to move feelings that get stuck in the body. It’s not about how you look but how you FEEL.


What is one thing you would say to a friend if they were struggling?

Do you give yourself the same grace and acceptance?

Is there something going on in your life now where you could use some encouragement?

What would it be?

What are the songs that always get you moving and feeling?

As I say at the end of my sessions …

Be gentle with yourself

Until next time

Carolyn x