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Cut yourself some slack ...

Life at the moment is fascinating, frustrating, exhausting, bizarre, emotional, challenging, and more.

I’m sure that when you look back, the lessons and learnings will become clear.

One thing to know for sure ...

We all need to cut ourselves some slack!

You may be pushing yourself hard, have expectations about the way your life 'should' be, and are so hard on yourself generally.

But I would like you to know there are always ways to be more gentle and kind to yourself.

It has made me wonder, why are we not more understanding of ourselves (even without the excuses of a global events, isolation, burn-out, stress, pregnancy, cost of living crises, serious illness …)?

What if you had been taught to recognise, and encouraged to follow, the softer, gentler cues of your body?

To understand what they meant before they became screaming alarms.

Do you need …

nourishing food
to say ‘no’
something else?

I hope you’ll consider this an invitation to treat yourself with kindness and patience as we all move forward into the next years.

Maybe you …

- could close your eyes for 30 seconds and just breathe.

- could say to yourself, ‘Even though I feel like I’m not doing enough, I’m making progress.’

- feel like an extra glass of water, a quick walk or stretch, or a short nap.

- take time to lie down for a guided meditation or yoga nidra

- go to bed earlier to get more sleep

- start taking note of the things that energise you (and the things that drain you)

Then, notice what you feel in your body, how it feels and where you feel it.

Keep taking your cues from your body and gently give it the space to be heard.

If you would like to dive deeper, or you’re not sure what that looks like, maybe one of the simple inquiries / reflection questions below might make things clearer.


What would a little more gentleness look like right now?

What could be softer?

How could I show myself more patience or kindness in this moment?

What would a little more self compassion feel like right now?

As I say at the end of my sessions …

Be gentle with yourself

Until next time

Carolyn x